katie & floyd

From Burger King coworkers to full time wedding industry business owners. Learn all about why Katie & Floyd make a great team. 

It began with a
coldplay song

He was 22 years old working as a manager at Burger King trying to support himself and his one year old son.  In walks a nervous little blonde haired 16 year old for her very first interview.  She'll never forget the butterflies she instantly felt when he walked out and introduced himself as "the manager".  Sparks flew instantly and the two spent the summer falling in love to Coldplay. 

7 years later, they've built a life with four kids and together run a full time wedding business.  They've overcome many obstacles and are driven to empower others to live the life they've always wanted never forgetting the power behind true love.



A few of our favorites

Family Beach Adventures

We keep family moments at the center of our focus.  Give us a sunny day with warm sand and we're in heaven!  Every free weekend or day off, we are planning our next beach adventure! 

A few of our favorites

Outdoor Play 
& Snuggles

Having so many children, there is a lot of energy circling through our home. We love going outside and letting them run it off while always joining in for a hug at the end. Even if someone is currently pulling someone else's hair ;) 

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Have you ever walked into a salon to get some much needed pampering done and felt so turned off by how unenthusiastic they were to be providing their service to you?  It seemed almost as if you could come or went for all they cared?  We have been there.  Way too many times!  For those reasons, when we set our intentions for our brand, we prioritize to provide the full, joyful experience right from the start. We believe just "taking photos and video" on your wedding day is similar to leaving a hair salon with wet hair. 

We take the time to get to know you and the wedding vision
you've created in your head when you were five years old dancing around with your mom's veil on your head.  We take your vision & personality and combine it with our creative skills to deliver you a product that you are able to look at and say "Wow babe, that's us". 


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Both of our Mom's lost the love of their life when we were only 5 years old. Floyd's Dad passed away, and I watched my parent's marriage fall apart.  We remember being so young but wanting so bad to change the outcome.  As we got older, in an attempt to save our families, we found our calling through documenting couples in their happiest and most authentic state together. When times get tough, they'll have these memories to remind them how special their love is. 


authentic laughter


We never want to forget what it feels like to hug, kiss and cuddle with one another at this stage of our lives.  We never want our couples to forget it either!  Imagine cuddling up on the couch together 50 years from now and reliving a day you spent together in your 20's?  I have to admit, I am looking forward to growing old and wrinkly with my love! 

With the busy days constantly wizzing by, we feel it's very important for us to document our couples doing things they love to do.  Spending quality time together.  Whether that be running along the beach, dancing in an open field, or tickle fights on the couch, we believe our candid approach flourishes best when we get you in your natural element! 

quality time